Confuence Community Church

About Kid's Lunch Club

Hang out with our KLC Leaders

KLC exists to offer a warm meal and a safe and fun environment for the kids in the Clarkston community. Come join us twice a month, we'd love to see you!

KLC Bouncy Castle

Big Games

Get ready for some major fun! Our Big Games section is all about high-energy, larger-than-life activities that will leave your kids beaming with excitement. From team challenges to creative competitions, we've got a lineup of games that are sure to bring laughter, teamwork, and a whole lot of joy. Let the good times roll with our Big Games at Kids Lunch Club!

Small Games

In Small Games, we believe that big smiles come in small packages! These mini-adventures are designed to spark creativity, encourage friendly competition, and provide a chance for your kids to shine. Join us for a variety of small games, including the fast-paced excitement of air hockey where reflexes and laughter collide. If your kids prefer a more strategic challenge, our collection of board games promises hours of entertainment and the opportunity to make new friends. It's not about the size of the game; it's about the enormous joy it brings!

Bible Study

At Kids Lunch Club, we understand the importance of nurturing both the body and the spirit. Our Bible Study sessions offer a time for reflection, exploration, and growth in faith. Dive into meaningful discussions, engaging lessons, and discover the timeless wisdom found in the Bible. Join us as we embark on a journey of spiritual discovery, all while enjoying the fellowship of friends at Kids Lunch Club.